We Are

The Tink Shop

Born as the brainchild of two brothers, following in their father’s footsteps and his ever growing love for craftsmanship and wood grain. Today, The Tink Shop is home to a fast growing team of creatives who strive in creating great products that commemorate greater memories!


Tink’D In Malta!

We specialise in uniquely designed personalised gifts, custom made gifts and merchandise to make any occasion even more memorable and any celebration ample more special.

We wake up bursting with ideas and sleep dreaming of new concepts! Every Tink is our pride and joy – and no Tink is short of our love and care from birth to delivery! We just love what we do!



Maltese is just one big soft spot of ours!! It’s our mother tongue and we love it! We enjoy the playfulness and romanticism we get out of Maltese, and it seems we can’t get enough it – so buckle up and enjoy the ride, you’ll be seeing more and more Tinks in Maltese every passing day!

Our Vision

To creatively assist people with a wide range of keepsake tinks to celebrate the most cherished moments of life. Spreding happiness, one tink at a time.

The way we do great tinks

is the way we do everytink.



We TAKE PRIDE in what we do, in who we are and what we stand for. We are proud of our brand, our colleagues and our achievements.

We are PASSIONATE creatives – We ask “why” and “what if”. We are full of energy and inspiration to provide the best service for our customers and to triumph over our competition. We strive to achieve the highest level of quality in what we do. We are accountable of our customers’ satisfaction.

We are POSITIVE people. We welcome a challenge and never give up. We encourage a ‘DO’ attitude; We show strength of character and resilience in our approach. We see dif culty as an opportunity to demonstrate ability. We welcome criticism and embrace the opportunities to improve and become better at what we do.

We WORK AS A TEAM. Working as one team makes us stronger, more ef cient and adds value to our brand. We think bold and work together to achieve results.

We are FUN; we are young, current and fast-moving individuals who recognize that fun is a key factor within our working environment; we’re sociable and enjoy celebrating our successes.


The Tink Shop is now based 100% online. The Tink Studio has relocated to our brand new 200 square metre workspace in Midland Micro Enterprise Park in Naxxar. The Print Studio is available by appointment only.


Midland Micro Enterprise Park,
Blk A – No 13 Lower,
Triq il-Burmarrad,
In-Naxxar, Malta, EU, NXR 6345

Phone: +356 2142 2868
Email: info@thetinkshop.com